The Most Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

Engaging in effective weight loss is more than changing your dieting habits. In order to burn fat quicker and keep it off, it is important to establish an exercising regimen that you can adhere to, one that can help you see results and encourage you to keep moving forward with your goals.

There is no right or wrong exercise routine to select, so long as you work hard and continue to work with it. Consider some of the following exercises that you can incorporate into your lifestyle in order to see some real weight loss results.


walkingOne of the best ways to get started with an effective exercise regimen is to engage in a good walk frequently. While many people may seem skeptical that walking can be seen as an effective workout, its results are undeniable.

Walking is ideal because it does not need any equipment and it is extremely low impact. When combined with a healthy diet, you can effectively burn a lot of calories, just by walking.

Walking at a brisk pace can help you burn between five and eight calories a minute, which means that an hour long walk can burn between three hundred and five hundred calories. It is simple and extremely effective, especially for those who suffer from obesity or any cardiovascular diseases. All that you have to do is put on your favorite shoes and begin walking, and you will be able to see the results in as little as a few weeks.


An active swim can help your body burn between five hundred and seven hundred calories an hour. Your technique does not limit your potential for weight loss either. Anything from a breast stroke to a dog paddle can help you burn calories so long as you keep moving in the water.

It is one of the best exercises to consider as well, as it is very effective for weight loss and toning your body. It is especially ideal for those who suffer from some form of asthma, as the air surrounding the body of water will be moist and warm, helping reduce exercise induced asthma attacks.

Women who are pregnant or any individuals who are suffering from arthritis, obesity, or any other disease that prevents them from high impact exercises will immediately benefit from a good swim. Simply find a pool or beach near you and get started.


tennisFor those who would rather enjoy a more interactive sport, or who enjoy exercising with a partner, tennis can be another excellent way to lose weight. Because of how active the sport is, an hour of playing tennis can help you lose upwards of six hundred calories.

It does not matter how familiar or good you are at the sport, because as long as you are prepared to move after the ball and keep up with your opponent, you will still be burning a large amount of calories. It is a great full body workout that can help improve your flexibility and posture, and it can even be a great way to relieve stress after a hard day at work.

It exercises a variety of different muscles in your body, and helps keep your brain active as well, as you will need to plan ahead and think about every strike that you perform.