Things To Consider Before Buying Raspberry Ketone

The name raspberry ketone refers to the chemical compounds that give raspberries their sweet aroma. The ketone has been in use in cosmetic products, food drinks, and ice creams for long, but it is only recently that the doctors have woken up to the weight loss and fat burning qualities of this ingredient.

Results of Scientific Studies

raspberry ketone plusThe studies have been done to establish the efficacy of raspberry ketones as a weight loss supplement. These include both studies on animals (fat, mice, rabbits), as well as controlled randomized trial on humans, which is considered to be the gold standard on this kind of study.

Both kinds of studies have shown that the ketones aid fat burning in a significant way. It does this mainly in two ways– by boosting metabolism, and by reducing the fatty acids (stored mostly in liver).

It was first assumed that ketones can work as an effective weight loss supplement when scientists discovered the structural similarity the chemical compound shares with that of capsaicin. Capsaicin, which is found in chilli peppers and capsicum, is known to have fat burning abilities and it was assumed that ketones will have the same, too. Studies carried out since have only come to corroborate this assumption.

Beware of What You Buy

However, you must make sure that you are buying only 100% natural raspberry ketone supplements. Since it has become popular as a fat burn supplement, many in this business are churning out ketone supplements of their own. However, a majority of these products use synthetic rather than natural raspberry ketones and synthetic or lab-generated compounds may significantly reduce the potency of the product.

There are supplement products, for example, which use other extracts, additives, or fillers with raspberry ketone. This doe not only affect the fat burning potency of the supplement, but may also result in side effects or food interactions.

raspberry ketone

There are customer reviews on raspberry ketone, for example, which report adverse effects such as jitteriness, nervousness, or insomnia. These effects are induced only when ketone extract is  mixed with other harmful fillers. For studies prove that ketone compound, in itself, can have no adverse effect on the body.

So, before you buy a particular product, make sure you are only buying a 100% natural supplement.

Check the label of the product, or you may also do some prior online research on what brand of raspberry ketone supplement may work the best for you.