How Raspberry Ketone Helps With Weight Loss

dr oz raspberryRaspberry ketone has been in the limelight ever since its name popped up in the popular TV program, the Dr Oz show, where it was touted to be the next revolutionary thing in the world of weight loss.

While the show reference can only be seen as a point of trigger, several research results emanating from multiple reputed sources have helped general public sustain their interest in the natural ingredient. Factually speaking, raspberry ketones can influence adiponectin, body weight, and metabolism.

So, How Does This Work?

When a human body starves for sugar, ketones get into the picture and help with breaking down stored fat – the next best energy source.

The body creates ketones during fasting or starvation and also while indulging in extended hours of physical training. When the muscles become sore post the strenuous exercising session, ketones lead to pain.

Sans ketones, there will not be any pain or gain. The reason being ketones are quite acidic and generally get buffered by the levels of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. During ketosis, the chemical overloads the body, resulting in more-than-normal amounts of ketone.

The basic premise of the raspberry ketone diet is that adding ketones to the diet would make the body release content from its fat cells. Ketones originate from raspberries and have been part of the food industry for several years now – primarily as an additive in ice creams, soft drinks, and sweet treats.

However, while starving, the body also undergoes low insulin and sugar levels. This combination of normal epinephrine and glucagon levels and low insulin causes the fat cells to release fat.

raspberry ketone research

Two major studies have revealed that raspberry ketones supposedly:

• stimulate fat buildup reduction in the liver and reduce overall body weight post 10 weeks.

• improve norephinephrine's ability to burn fat.

• reduce levels of triglyceride at high dosages.

• increase adiponectin levels – a protein that apparently improves insulin sensitivity.

• raise metabolism

The studies also exhibited that increased dosages of ketones dramatically improved the results. The standard range could lie anywhere between 150 and 500 mg. They usually come in the form of drops, capsules, and liquid shakes. The consumption mode is not quite relevant and can vary according to one's preferences.

Research Study Results

Raspberry ketones have proved to cause weight loss in animals tested under laboratory conditions, as per a report published in 2005. The study goes on to further state that ketones help with facilitating body fat breakdown. Thanks to these positive findings, many people have since then resorted to nutritional supplements that are primarily based on raspberry ketones.

The aforementioned study, sponsored by a Japanese medicine school, also went on to state that ketones could be responsible for raspberry's anti-obesity actions. The compound is, in fact, the reason behind raspberry's aroma, having a chemical structure quite similar to synephrine and capsaicin – both of which help accelerate the fat to energy conversion process.

The research results also revealed that ketones prevented fat from accumulating in the liver and other body organs, besides helping prevent body weight increase.