Customer Feedback On Raspberry Ketone Diet

There are many positive reviews around the world wide web when it comes to the use of raspberry ketone for weight loss and energy boost.  Raspberry ketone reviews can be found on a number of search engines, message boards, merchants, and medical websites around the Internet.

Reviews On WebMD

WebMD is a widely known and used resource for those looking for health information. Among the featured articles about raspberry ketone, there are a number of user submitted reviews to peruse, over 35 in fact.

One customer, Jenny from Nebraska who had been using the product for less than 6 months was pleased to note that she suffered no side effects from taking the product, and felt that it prevented her from gaining additional weight. She was also pleased that the product contained no "extras like caffeine or fillers".

Another woman, Sandra, gave the product five stars (the highest rating) for effectiveness, ease of use, and satisfaction. She also suffered no negative side effects from taking the product, taking two 500 mg tablets each day. She mentioned that she had lost over 12 pounds and was feeling great. This user also recommended the product to anyone looking for a boost in their weight loss journey.

raspberry ketone before and after

Yet another happy customer lost 14 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 10 after using raspberry ketone supplements for about 5 months. She also said she could tell when she had forgotten to take the supplement because she's "not as energized".

Reviews On Amazon

Positive raspberry ketone reviews can be found on Amazon website as well. One female who remained anonymous had been using the product for about 2 months and said "I love love and love it!". She said that her primary care physician OK'd her to take the product in her weight loss attempts. She mentioned that she had long been struggling with her weight and that this supplement made a huge difference for her.

Another reviewer, Nancy, had just started taking the product after she heard about it from Dr. Oz. She is an active individual struggling to lose that pesky last 10 pounds. She wrote that after taking the pill, she didn't feel hungry like she usually did at work throughout the morning, and was not "grazing" on snacks throughout the day. Reviewer Bryan says "I have been taking this for almost 2 weeks and am down 12.7 pounds!".

WebMD and Amazon are just a few locations online with raspberry ketone reviews.

These testimonials are a great way to learn more about this useful product and how it works.