Know The Truth About 3 Most Common Weight Loss Myths

It is really worthwhile to work towards the purposes of weight loss and gaining a fit and healthy body. However, you need to go at it the right way. Weight loss and fitness is such a huge concern with so many people out there that a great quantity of information on the subject is always available at hand. However, all such information may not necessarily be of help. Misconceptions about weight loss practices and diets galore, and if you are not wary enough, such faulty ideas can easily derail your efforts pretty soon.

So, in the present article we will discuss some of the most common weight loss myths and try to discover how much truth do they hold for you. Let’s us get started.

Where Calories are Concerned, All Are Equal

Wrong. Many people tend to think that all calories are of same value, so it matters little what kind of food you are eating to store up those calories. Which is to say, eating a sundae containing 200 calories is no less healthy than eating a plate of salad containing the same number of calories.

This is a false myth since different foods need different levels of chewing and digestive efforts. For example, chewing vegetables, fruits, pieces of meat require more effort than eating a cake, which is to say that the effort results in more calorie burn and therefore, aids your weight loss efforts.

Carbs Result in Weight Gain

This is another of those widely circulated myths about right food habits. There are many popular diets which prescribe the least amount of carbohydrate foods. Most popular among such diets is the Atkins diet which had become quite a craze not too long ago and which entirely did away with carbs and was essentially a high-protein diet.

However, studies have shown that if eaten in right quantities, whole meal and whole grain carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread and brown rice won’t result in weight gain. This myth gained currency mainly because Atkins diet proved effective for the users and helped them lose weight. And yet, a recent study shows that Atkins diet helped people shed off extra weight not because the diet was a low-carb one, but simply because people following the diet ate less quantities of food overall.

Atkins diet has also proved ineffective as a long-term diet plan and in helping people develop a healthy food habit. Many who experienced quick weight loss by following this diet plan found that after a period, they gained back the weight again.

Losing Weight is Harder for Women Than Men

This is another common myth and, sorry ladies, this one indeed has more than a little truth to it. Biologically, men pack more lean muscle mass than women, and since lean muscle contribute to the speeding up of metabolism, men normally have 5-10% higher metabolism rate than women.

In addition, women are known to lose close to half a pound of lean muscle mass every year during periods of perimenopause. It is also a fact that women tend to store body fat more than men. Add up all these points and it will indeed come off as true that women will need to sweat more than men to shed those extra pounds.

One understands that this is one myth the women readers would have loved to read as false, but as you will understand, all myths are not necessarily bosh!