How To Burn Calories Fast With Everyday Activities

Achieving your weight loss goals does not hinge on a strict diet and several hours a day spent pumping iron or running laps at the gym. You can burn calories just as effectively when you’re at home, work and school. All you have to do is remain physically active.

It’s not hard to find opportunities to burn calories. Even watching television for half an hour burns calories (of course this activity is not recommended for weight loss!).

Burn Calories With Walking

burning calories with walkingWalking is part of your everyday life, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunities to do more of it. For example, if you have a child who goes to school a mile away from your home, why not skip the carpool line and walk to school? Not only will you burn calories, you’ll get some extra time bonding with your little one and you will be establishing healthy habits for the next generation.

You can also burn calories by walking when you need to run errands. Leave the car behind and take a stroll to the shops and markets that are close.

Burn Calories With Housework

Get out the vacuum and the mop because household chores allow you to burn calories while making your house look great. Weight loss will come naturally when you spend a little bit of time every day scrubbing, dusting, polishing and shining. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Walk across the floor on your tiptoes while you’re sweeping or vacuuming and you’ll burn more calories and build extra leg muscle.

Burn Calories With Yard Work

Forget counting calories with your diet when you can count the calories you’re burning by raking leaves, mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. Wear your sunblock or a nice hat if it’s hot and sunny so you don’t burn. Putting your body to work in the yard is a great way to melt calories because you’ll likely work up a sweat while you are physically active.

In addition to burning calories, you’re sculpting your body. All that bending, stretching and pulling is good for the muscles.

Burn Calories With Play

Skipping the gym is easy when there are so many better ways to work towards weight loss. Learn a new sport like tennis or golf. Join a basketball league or a volleyball team. If there’s a community pool in the area, jump in and swim some laps.

play with kidsGet outside and play with your kids at the park. go bike riding or take a long hike. All of these activities will help you slim down and keep you mentally fit as well. Having fun is good for you.

As you can see, whittling your diet down to only chicken and broccoli is not necessary. Running excessive miles on the treadmill is not necessary. All you need to do, while making healthy food choices, is to pay attention to your everyday activities. There are plenty of opportunities to stay active and get moving. Avoid sitting and lounging. Get outdoors and get your weight loss goals in sight.