What Are Users Saying About Green Coffee Bean Extract

The green coffee bean extract has been creating health waves in the market because more people are finding the health benefits from the product.

Now, people are taking the product seriously and are proclaiming the health benefits they got from it.

It is the Chlorogenic Acid That Helps

"My doctor's prognosis is that I am borderline diabetic. I suffer spells of hyperglycemia- that is high blood glucose because of what I mostly eat. I was looking for a healthy vitamin supplement to help me with my problem, and I chanced upon green coffee bean extract. I took time to research on the active components of green coffee extract and I found out that the component chlorogenic acid inhibits the release of an enzyme that helped stabilize my blood sugar level. I started taking at least 400mg of green coffee bean extract and I increased my intake to three times a day. I don't have frequent urination or feel thirsty all the time. I am able to function better at home and at work. Now, I don't have to worry about elevated blood sugars that might lead to diabetes." Mary James, California

green coffee bean extract before and after

Losing Weight With Precautions

"My doctor advised me to lose weight because I was suffering shortness of breath and my body mass index is way too high. I am one of the unlucky persons who have a slow metabolism process. I was looking for a more natural way to lose weight. I tried Green coffee bean extract, due to the many positive reviews. I am a little bit more careful about weight loss because of my sugar imbalance. So I took about 700mg and increased it to 1000 in increments. I lost about three lbs in a month's time. The green coffee extract makes sure that the glucose in my body is used well. That means the vitamin supplement regulates the glucose in my body, even when I am not as conscious about my diet. The green coffee bean helped decrease the absorption of blood sugar in my body. I am now closer to my targeted body mass index. I feel happy and satisfied with the results. I realized that as we grow older, we have to take care of our health for ourselves, and for our loved ones." Peter Brown, Texas

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Positive Health Results

"I have been looking for some vitamin supplements in the market to improve my health. I am overweight, and I have a blood sugar imbalance. This is not a good combination for many people. I attribute this problem to my lifestyle and bad eating habits. A friend recommended me green coffee bean extract. It has been in the market for so long, but I was taking the prescription drugs. Well, I gave the product a try, only because I saw some positive results with my friend. I felt a significant effect on my well-being after a couple of months. The good thing about the green coffee bean extract is that it is all natural. I have been wary about vitamin supplement that has chemical compounds because it has side effects on the kidneys. The green coffee bean extract comes from 100% green coffee extract and this is so far the best product I have used." Kim Norman, Chicago

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