How To Achieve Best Results With Green Coffee Bean Extract

While it is not easy to predict many things today, you can be sure that diet fads and weight loss gimmicks are here to stay. In fact, some of these fads have overstayed than they should have. You may call it client's dire need for an immediate fix or excellent marketing, but  green coffee bean extract looks like it will be here for a little longer.

Hype After Dr. Oz Show

The hype about this product began around September 2012 when Dr. Oz revealed that green coffee extract is a fat burner that can help women lose weight. Since its public knowledge how Dr. Oz has a strong persuasion on his viewers, the product was received well. There have been a number of short-term research findings suggesting that Chlorogenic acid slows down the rate of fat absorption from the food and more importantly, it stimulates metabolism of the extra fat.

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In general, green coffee is unroasted or raw coffee beans from the coffee fruits. Normally, when the coffee beans are roasted, the amount of Chlorogenic acid goes down, which is a chemical believed to aid in weight loss.

In his own study, Dr. Oz ran a study on 100 women for a period of two weeks, and found that women who took 400 mg of the green coffee bean extract lost an average of two pound. On the other hand, the women who took the placebo only lost one pound, on average. Unfortunately, there has not been conclusive scientific evidence supporting the claim that the extract helps in weight loss, especially in regards to its long-term success.

Just like the roasted coffee, the green coffee bean extract also has caffeine. Arguably, two cups of coffee daily are safe and may have underlying benefits; more of it is not healthy for you. Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause nervousness, insomnia, restlessness, elevated heart rate, gastrointestinal distress among other complications.

Categories of Coffee Bean Extracts

100% Pure — just as the name suggests, it means that the product does not have any additional fillers, binders, or ingredients. Although the product label may insist that it is pure, it is important to verify it is indeed pure.

Chlorogenic Acid Level 40 to 50 per cent — as discussed earlier, this acid is the active component that is believed to help in weight loss. Many nutritional supplement producers have a chlorogenic acid level of between 40 and 50 per cent. Therefore, when comparing green coffee bean extracts, it is important to check these levels.

Laboratory Verified — normally, the level of chlorogenic acid and its purity should be verified by a laboratory. Therefore, when shopping for the extract, do not forget to check whether the product meet the criteria set by renowned labs.


With regard to weight loss, green coffee extracts looks like the silver bullet. Overall, there are no straightforward or quick fixes to weight loss; it takes commitment and time. More importantly, it is not about swallowing a pill and waiting for the magic to happen but eating the right foods that are packed with essential nutrients to fuel our body well.