Green Coffee Extract – The Greener Side Of Coffee

Green coffee bean extract is currently one of the preferred diet solutions today. It is one of the most recent, yet effective weight loss regimen on the market. There have been many studies that show the effectiveness of these green beans. Due to its benefits, some consumers have called it the new health food.

This miracle extract can help you lose weight by aiding your metabolism and managing your blood sugar. With its natural formulation, you can shed your extra pounds without feeling tired as well as burnt out.

What Is Green Coffee Extract?

green coffee extractIt is actually the raw or unroasted coffee beans of the Coffea fruit. These green beans are then soaked, cleaned, dried and concentrated to be able to create its precious extract. Green coffee bean extract contains high amounts of the chemical called chlorogenic acid, which has a lot of potential health benefits for weight loss, heart disease and diabetes.

Ingredients of the Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract has many natural ingredients that aid in weight loss and help in improving your health. Its components are listed below together with their corresponding uses and purposes.

Chlorogenic Acid. Green coffee extract contain a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to roasted coffee beans. They are the most potent source of this chemical type. It helps in effecting and handling the body's blood sugar and metabolic rate. Therefore, it assists in speedily burning unwanted fat. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. There are also studies that indicate the chemical's aid in the improvement of retinal health. According to experts and nutritional supplement companies, green coffee bean extract that contain a chlorogenic acid level of 40% to 50% are the most ideal choice.

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that can prevent and slow down cell damage. They are the body's first defense against free radicals. Green coffee extract contain a high level of antioxidants that can aid the body in fighting toxins. It also slows down the body's aging process. Antioxidants found in this extract are also attributed as the body's shield against various diseases such as stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems.

Caffeine. It is said that too much caffeine is bad for the body. Green coffee extract contains the right amount of caffeine that the body needs. Therefore, you will experience the benefits of this extract and still feel energized and active.

Green Coffee Extract and Roasted Coffee

Although a lot of conducted studies emphasize the benefits of green coffee extract, it is still relatively new to the market. There will always be skeptics because this is still a new product.

green coffee bean extract vs coffee

Some people may ask, "Why not just drink an ordinary coffee?" The issue about drinking roasted coffee is that its chlorogenic acid decreases. With green coffee bean extract, this vital chemical is at its highest level. This natural chemical has wondrous effects such as aiding weight loss, blocking fat accumulation, stopping carbohydrate absorption and regulating blood sugar levels.