Green Coffee Bean Extract – Weight Loss Miracle Or Hype?

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have been harvested but not roasted. Normally, roasted coffee beans do not have a lot of nutrients and other important components such as chlorogenic acid. These components are destroyed after the introduction of heat during roasting.

Green coffee on the other hand contains higher nutritional and medicinal value because it still has all the required components.

The Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

green coffee bean extractThe availability of chlorogenic acid in green coffee is what makes it beneficial to humans. This acid is said to be effective in treating heart diseases, weight loss and diabetes. According to Dr. Oz, this natural weight loss extract works effectively even without exercise or dietary programs. He describes it as the weight loss solution for people who do not have time to exercise regularly or follow a specific dietary routine.

According to a previous study, it was revealed that overweight people could lose weight faster by taking 80-200mg of this natural extract for at least 12 weeks.

How It Works

Green coffee beans contain some of the most important ingredients needed for effective weight loss and a good example is caffeine. Many studies have revealed that caffeine can boost metabolism by up to 11% in the human body. Since weight gain is also caused by the consumption of sugary diets and the accumulation of excess sugar in the body, green coffee bean offers a better remedy.

Studies claim that it can decrease the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract. This eventually lowers the levels of blood sugar and insulin in the body. Previous studies carried out on rats have also shown that chlorogenic acid found in green coffee bean is responsible for reducing the amounts of fat stored in the liver. It may as well improve how adiponectin, alternatively known as the fat burning hormone, works in the body.

Learn more about Green coffee extract used in these studies!

A separate study was carried out for a period of 12 weeks to find out the effectiveness of this natural weight loss remedy on humans. It involved 30 overweight people who were separated into two groups. The first group was given regular coffee for 12 weeks while the second took green coffee bean extract. No one in the two groups was required to change their diet or start a specific exercise program. At the end of the study, it was discovered that the group that took regular coffee lost around 1.7 kg while the other one lost 5.4 kg.

The Verdict

verdictAfter analyzing the results recorded in the two studies, the sentiments made by Dr. Oz, and the numerous green coffee extract reviews, it is safe to conclude that this natural weight loss solution works. Many overweight people have recorded positive results while using supplements that contain this natural ingredient.

Judging from its high success rate and good reputation, chances are high that it will work perfectly on you if you are struggling with the issue of obesity or you want to have a better body structure.

You just need to buy it from reputable suppliers, follow the manufacturer's instructions and witness amazing results within a short period of time.