What Is Users Feedback About Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is becoming well known around the Internet as a weight loss and cleansing tool. There are many positive reviews for this product in it’s various forms that can be found on websites for a number of retailers, medical reference sites, and other forums.

Here we will examine a few of these sites to see what users are saying about this unique product after trying it.

WebMD Users

WebMD is a popular medical reference site used by thousands of people every day. There are over 900 reviews on the site from people who have used garcinia cambogia in their weight loss attempts.

Helen who has been taking the product for a few months said it “works great” and gave it 5 stars (the highest rating) for ease of use, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

garcinia cambogia before and after photos

Yet another user, Betty, who gave the product 5 stars was very happy to say that she suffered no side effects from the product, yet has been losing weight taking 1000 mcg three times a day, 30 minutes before eating. In 3 weeks, she has lost 3 pounds without changing her diet or exercising.  Another individual found that the product suppressed her appetite.

Amazon Users

Users are welcome to write testimonials and give ratings at Amazon website as well.

One very happy user named Erica said that it helped her regain her “faith in losing weight”.  She started the product in October 2013, and by January 2014 had lost 25 pounds, and in June 2014, her total weight loss was up to 40 pounds.  She mentioned that she stopped taking the product for a few months and immediately regretted it and started again, saying, “once you start using this product, don’t stop like I did!”.

Another happy customer, James, said “this really does work” and that he highly recommends it. He gave the product 5 stars and called it “a very healthy way to lose weight”, saying it helped him reach his 20 pound weight loss goal.

Vitamin Shoppe Users

Almost 90% of reviewers on the website say they would recommend the product to anyone looking to lose weight!

Olga from Florida said that even though she leads a sedentary life, this supplement helped her lose weight. People started to notice that she was fitter after using it, even though she made no drastic changes in her diet.

garcinia cambogia before and after

Another satisfied customer Laura doesn’t use garcinia cambogia to diet, as she is happy with her weight, but uses it when she wants to prevent herself from gaining weight when she goes out or is going to a food centered event. She said by taking the product before she goes out, she eats “very little”, feels full, and is “VERY satisfied”. “Bottom line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend”.