How Capsiplex Works To Help You Lose Weight

capsiplexCapsiplex has proven over time to be very effective when it comes to weight loss. Taking a pill causes a process referred to as thermogenesis in the body. This is a process by which your internal body temperature rises along with the metabolic rate.

Consequentially, this has a huge effect on the number of calories the body burns every day. In fact, it has been shown that the pill can help you to burn an extra 278 calories each day.

Capsicum – How It Works

The main ingredient found in the product is capsicum, which is a component of red chili peppers. This is the main ingredient that causes a boost in metabolism. Capsiplex also contains small doses of black pepper extract, niacin and caffeine. A study in 2005 also indicated that the main ingredient of capsiplex could increase energy expenditure and satiety when taken with meals.

Capsicum extract has been found to burn as many calories as jogging for about 25 minutes or walking for almost one and a half hours. Given that chili can be a great irritant for many, Capsiplex manufacturers use a patented outer layer that prevents any kind of irritation in the gut or throat.

Caffeine increases mental alertness and can temporarily boost metabolism. In addition to this, the extract from black pepper, also referred to as piperine, is also evidenced to have the capability to boost metabolism. An additional ingredient, bioperine, has been shown to increase the rate of absorption of ingredients by up to 3 times. This ensures other ingredients work faster.

Capsiplex Plus

capsiplex plusOwing to the popularity of Capsiplex, the manufacturers have a new product referred to as Capsiplex plus. This has the original formula with an extra ingredient referred to as 5-HTP. This is a compound that is responsible for producing serotonin, a vital brain chemical also known as the happy hormone. By boosting the serotonin levels, you are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and low mood not to mention cravings from carbohydrates.

If you regularly feel low and crave sugary foods, there are high chances that low serotonin level may be contributing to your weight gain. Getting the right amounts of 5-HTP from foods is unlikely so supplementing it in your diet can help to significantly increase the levels of serotonin in your body. This has proved to be quite effective for obese patients.

5-HTP provides the answer to a more positive outlook to weight loss. A combination of controlled food intake and a happy feeling makes fighting obesity relatively easier. The niacin contained in Capsiplex helps to create the energy that is used to maintain all the processes necessary to maintain optimum health.


It is highly recommended to consult a physician before taking capsiplex especially if you suffer from heart conditions or if you are pregnant.  The product has proved to be a very reliable weight loss solution and continues to gain popularity due to its high success rates. The reality is that very few people can commit to a strict exercise routine and capsiplex offers a bit of help in effectively dealing with excess weight.