Does Capsiplex Really Work And How?

capsiplex miracleCapsiplex is the new slimming supplement in the market to have created frequent headlines. With big A-listers such as Britney Spears, JLo, and Brad Pitt ‘throwing in their weight’ behind the product, there is hardly a lot of surprise in that, too.

The product claims to have the ability to burn as much as 278 calories extra provided all other aspects of your lifestyle remains unchanged. Which means that you can even expect more benefit when you are coupling your consumption with a low-calorie diet and some manner of regular exercise.

Is Capsiplex Effective Supplement?

But as it is with any of these supplement OCT drugs, people are wary whether or not they should really start on a Capsiplex routine. This again is barely a surprise, considering that there are so many over-hyped fitness and weight loss supplements out there that promise the sky to their users and deliver very little in reality.

It is understandable that users will be a little wary of falling in for such claims and actually making the purchase of any product. Apart from the risk of getting ripped of your money, there is also the risk to your health since some of these supplement products can have adverse effects on one’s body.

So, let us have a closer look at Capsiplex, its ingredients, and how exactly it can aid us in our weight loss endeavor.

Capsaicin – Main Ingredient

This is the main ingredient used in Capsiplex. The ingredient is found in capsicum or chilli peppers and it stimulates metabolism. When this happens, we burn an higher amounts of calories and reduce fat. Capsaicin is a 100% natural ingredient, and so are the other ingredients used in Capsiplex, which are piperine, a B vitamin called niacin and caffeine. Therefore, Capsiplex can be validly called an all-natural product.

The bottomline here is that chilli peppers, when consumed via food or any other supplement, increases the heat in our body. When this happens, the body needs to work more to maintain its normal temperature and this results in increased metabolism. while this may be true, the question remains that whether this increase in metabolic rate can really translate in any kind of effective weight loss.

Another thing is, Capsiplex is not the only supplement product that uses capsaicin as an ingredient. Capsaicin, chilli, or cayene pepper is used in many other supplements. So what exactly is it that sets Capsiplex apart?

Capsiplex Reviews – It Works

According to what the manufacturers are saying and other Capsiplex reviews, Capsiplex differs itself from the other such products since it uses capsaicin in a dosage that makes effective calorie burning possible. A low dosage of chilli peppers is never going to help too much in reducing fat.

But again, there is a catch here. If a high dosage of chilli peppers can help us lose weight, we might as well take it via food and not use a special supplement. But, the problem there is that such a dosage can irritate our stomach lining and can result in negative symptoms.

So, what Capsiplex does is to use a special coating which resists this irritation since the ingredients in Capsiplex are able to bypass our stomach and get released directly into the intestine, thereby canceling out the risk of any damage to our stomach lining.